Detect, Track, Analyze Shoppers in your Stores

Shopper Tracking’s cloud managed WIFI with shopper location analytics benchmarks your stores on key customer behavior indicators.

The SMI mesh networking solution includes all the components required: a platform with your own portal to manage WIFI delivery plus customer location analytics that show you how efficient your stores are at attracting and retaining customers.

How Shopper Tracking Works

At each store, plug in 1 of the SMI routers to the internet via an ethernet cable; 0ther routers mesh together automatically. On your SMI account, configure the stores where the routers are installed.
For each store, register the routers that were installed using the router MAC addresses. Shoppers are passively and automatically tracked by the SMI routers with data collected on each visit.
Live data is automatically collected, processed and displayed on a series of dashboards on the cloud. Up to 40 metrics are available and can be compared store by store to evaluate performance.
‘Plug & Play’ shopper tracking and mesh networking solution

Zero configuration, self forming, self healing mesh

Cloud controller for complete control, and monitoring

Alerts on power and data outages

Multiple SSIDs for public and private use

Block access to web sites, users – limit download size

Locating and tracking shoppers by detecting the MAC address on mobile phones

Benchmark performance on customer metrics, store by store

Number of visitors per day/time by store

Walk by store traffic vs. walk in traffic by store

New visitors vs. repeat by store

Measure loyalty and customer value across all store locations

Location and value of visitors “now” in store

Frequency of visit; number of days from last visit

Average dwell time spent in stores

A dedicated portal with ready, customizable dashboards and analytics

Dashboards with customizable layout and design features for image background, button styles, legends, chart titles and more

Fast interactive chart controls with intuitive selection of chart areas to select and explore data

Chart and table mash ups in any combination on a dashboard

Changeable measures and drill downs to other dimensions

iPad application for always-on from any location availability

Triggered alerts and notifications on changes in business conditions.



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