Shopper Marketing: talk to your customers while they shop

When retailers can detect customers the moment they walk in the door, targeted shopper journey communication possibilities emerge for providing a valuable, personalized and satisfying buying experience.

Give your customers an outstanding individualized experience, encouraging them to return, more often, and spend more.

How Shopper Marketing Works

Create location based ad campaigns that will trigger based on the location of shopper in the store. With additional Shopper Journey and Customer Insight apps, triggers include demographics, spend data and shopping patterns.
SMI’s ‘Ad builder’ creates personalized ads with unique content and coupons. A campaign management system allows to set triggers for ads to be sent such as date/time, micro targeted groups, location in or out of the store and much more.
SMI’s campaign and ad management system automatically sends out ads when triggered conditions are met. For example. if location in cheese department is a a condition, then the ad is sent the moment the shopper is detected in that area.
Location based Shopper Marketing events for driving promo conversions

Talk to new and existing customers nearby your store by using SMI’s powerful WIFI to send out special offers

Increase average basket by delivering targeted and personalized offers to customers in the store location

Drive sales on slow traffic periods with time based coupons and specials e.g. ½ price on coffee on Mondays between 10 and 11 am

Register new and existing customers using your WIFI network

Customers are recognized by their mobile phone MAC addresses which are matched to their identity

Register new customers using the WIFI network as new loyalty members

Match existing members via mobile number, email, loyalty ID or social media ID

Deliver messages over channels that are most likely to influence a buying decision

Providing a valuable, personalized and satisfying buying experience

Shopper journey marketing rewards your best customers by acknowledging their loyalty and delivering instant benefits the minute they walk into your store

Improve loyalty metrics (number of repeat visits, increased basket size by segment, CLV)

Reduce churn on high value customers by applying retention tactics before they leave to competitors

Delivery an in-store digital experience that converts more sales

Design campaign plans and promos by customer location during their shopping journey

Shopper Marketing engages customers at the point of sale with hyper-relevant messages

Refine your strategy with marketing analytics that measure the entire pipeline from impressions to clicks to conversions and by customer group, messaging channel and location



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