Discover who your customers are and how they shop

SMI’s Shopper Journeys data mines your customers to get insights on how purchase decisions are made during the shopping journey and  what conditions trigger a customer choice.

By accurately analyzing shopping behavior patterns across zones, you discover valuable information on who your customer are, their interests and opportunities to better engage them.

How Shopper Journeys Works

SMI’s graphical interface shows shopping patterns across zones and paths that end in a purchase. AI algorithms groups customers by the combination of zones and departments which are frequently shopped.
You are now able to engage customers along their purchase path. For example, if family shoppers never visit the organic foods section, you can promote offers when their path intersects that zone.
Set up marketing events that send messages at specific points along the purchase path and that can influence shoppers to shop more zones, resulting in larger baskets and more spend.
Discover shopper journeys and how your customers make decisions

Get visibility on what zones influence a purchase with path flow analytics on the shopper journey from zone to zone

Data mine and uncover associated categories (zones) linked to shopper segments (which zones did a group shopper come from, to which zones does that shopper group go to next)

Predict which zones influence a purchase or visit to a zone including service areas, changing rooms and cash desk

Access real time path flow and shopping behavior analytics

Analytics that graphically represent shopper path flows and identifies triggers contributing to a purchase or lost sale

Shopper journeys and purchase decisions mapped by sequence and importance to each customer type, for example how does the purchase path differ between new customers and your most frequent/valuable ones

Cross shopping analysis by interest segmentation that shows path flows by customers grouped by the types of products they shop.

Create targeted merchandise and communication plans by customer segments

For each customer segment, view which zones work together to create a shopping journey and convert into sales

Identify cross shopping opportunities for better promoting products to segments that are not shopping areas that they should be interested in

Adapt merchandise plans and displays to increase activity in under shopped  zones in order to attract valuable customer segments

Know your customers, their interests and opportunities to grow lifetime value

Get visibility into your customers, who they are and their interests based on visits and the product zones they shop

Combine shopping data with purchase data using SMI’s customer insight app to see which segments are shopping products but not buying them

Develop and execute a strategy to grow each customer’s value to your business by talking to them about the products they shop



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