Merchandising insights for a customer-centric shopping experience

Get insights on shopper traffic patterns by zone in order to increase visits to categories, reduce category bounce rates and generate more traffic to high margin, low visit count departments.

SMI’s Retail Merchandising delivers optimized assortment planning, range localization and product visibility, resulting in a shopper journey based store layout with improved shopping metrics and return on every square meter of shopping area.

How Merchandising Insights Work

Upload floor plans to your portal to create a store map. Use drawing tools to draw merchandise zones. X/Y coordinates and areas sizes are automatically set up to locate shoppers in each zone.
Analyze the health of your merchandise areas on over 40 metrics. Interactive dashboards with what-if queries allows you to drill down into over and under performing zones for each store.
‘Push-intelligence’ detects changes in the health of your zones and triggers alerts to personnel. Operations teams are empowered to improve the customer experience and profitability of stores.
Not every store is the same: different shoppers, different choices

Predict demand and view forecasts by zone, time of day and store

Improve the customer experience with merchandising plans that are targeted to shopper interests

Receive exceptions reports that detect anomalies and assign tasks to team members

Interactive, multi-variant analytics that show the health of your planograms

Benchmark shopping statistics on store zones shopped: number of visitors, avg. dwell time, bounce rate, repeat rate

Zone heat maps and zone flows by store

Location hot spots by time of day zone

Stores shopped and zones (departments) shopped by store shoppers
‘Return on Space’ and efficiency metrics for zones by store

Create targeted retail merchandising plans for improved conversion rates

View which zones work together to create a shopping journey and convert into sales

Examine which factors like time friction are causing lost sales during a shopping journey

See how cross shopping happens between related zones and identify opportunities to better promote products

Adapt each store’s retail merchandising plan based on customer shopping interests and to convert more

Push-intelligence for what people need to know, right now.

Ready to enable push intelligence messages on hundreds of events

Real time alerts to store managers when shopping and service areas become congested

Alerts on underperforming zones and changes in shopping behavior for product categories

High Bounce Rate alerts for zones (customers who left the zone without buying)



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