Deploying a Retail IoT platform for brick and mortar stores 

By testing and deploying Retail IoT and Deep Learning for bricks and mortar stores, retailers are able to evolve their business in a challenging new environment. Getting it right entails knowing your customers in a much different way than ever before, meeting their expectations as they change over time and becoming hyper-relevant across all touch points…

 How AI for retail stores changes the shopper journey 

Those who eagerly anticipate the opening of the Amazon Go store, ask how far off is the day when customers enter a store and effortlessly receive an optimized, personal and rewarding in-store shopping experience? How will Deep Learning impact the shopping experience in the real physical world?…

 Are retailers drowning in insight? 

Are retailers are be able to consume all their insights and put them to work for improving operational efficiency and driving more customer spend. At the current rate, insights are being generated X times faster than retailers are able to put them into action. The old saying ‘drowning in data’ could easily now be changed to ‘drowning in insight’….

 Omni Channel CRM: a digital strategy for bricks and mortar stores 

Influencing retail customers by getting inside their minds during their buying journey represents an ongoing challenge for marketers. However, as technology evolves, retail marketers who take advantage of sophisticated data mining on consumer preferences, timing and other key buying factors are making progress in the way they engage consumers…

 Are traditional loyalty programs turning customers off? 

For those retailers that have traditionally relied on spend behavior analytics as the intelligence for their customer loyalty strategy, the question arises if that’s enough in today’s world….

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