Transform bricks and mortar stores into smart, digital spaces

SMI’s Retail IoT powers bricks and mortar stores to compete in an omni-channel world by becoming hyper-relevant across all customer touch points.

With live streamed data from SMI’s sensor network and proprietary AI algorithms, retailers are able to obtain real time information on in-store conditions and events.

Sensor Fusion Networks

SMI’s Retail sensor devices act in a sensor fusion mode and live stream shopper and product data to cloud platforms. AI algorithms automatically detect patterns in data and which variables are acting together to bring a result.

Smart Access Points

Detect, connect and engage customers in real time

SMI routers detect smartphones and accurately tracks the shopper journey while providing a robust, cloud managed WIFI service:

Low-cost, zero configuration, plug & play wireless mesh networks with shopper tracking capabilities

Cloud managed WIFI access points, mesh gateway and repeater all in one compact, reliable, high performance package

SMI routers are designed for detecting smartphone device IDs and tracking devices by location in the store, all in near real time and without any client software:

Shopper tracking within a 1 to 3 meter of the device’s actual location and in near real time

Shopper tracking analytics and heat maps, 35 tracking zone level metrics, conditions change alerts and notifications

  • Plug & play networking, self-forming, healing mesh
  • Cloud controller for complete control, and monitoring
  • Multiple SSIDs for public and private use, block access to web sites, users – limit download size
  • Detect shopper device IDs (MAC addresses) without connecting to a WIFI service

Smart, Wire Free Cameras

Monitor your shelves and products like never before

The first high resolution, low cost and completely wire free camera for continuous monitoring of store shelves (available Q4/17)

Image recognition algorithms to automatically recognize products at brand, product and SKU level

Accelerated GPU processing for detection and analysis in seconds

Live updates of dashboards with automated alerts on store product conditions

Retailers and manufacturers get unparalleled intelligence on the conditions of their products

Remove the need for expensive field marketing agents that cover only a small sample set of categories and stores

Get real time insights on products, brands, range assortment across all store locations.

Optimize planogram and product placements to drive more revenues across categories and store location

Predict inventory and stock replenishment requirements by continuously detect product quantities

  • 100% Wire-Free, no plugs, cables – mount it anywhere
  • HD, 5Mpx image resolution for accurate object recognition
  • Cloud camera configuration and set up for taking/sending images by time intervals
  • WIFI, battery powered, 3 to 6 months lifecycle; optional PoE power option

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