Omni channel CRM: personalized engagements across touch points

SMI’s Omni Channel CRM helps retailers and brands move from a shopper’s journey to a total customer experience. By knowing your customers, their interests and how to communicate, you are in the position to provide a unified, rich customer experience on a 1 to 1 basis.

The Omni Channel Marketing solution is driven by extending the customer insight model across all touch points with your customer and enables personalized interactions, making them hyper-relevant and contextual to your customers.

How Omni Channel CRM Works

AI identifies variables influencing a purchase decision. The SMI ad engine shows high value targets from hundreds of variables (demographics, in-store location, buying interests, social media profile and more).
SMI ‘Ad Builder’ personalizes both messages and offers. Ad content is unique to micro groups of customers, enabling hyper relevant and personal communications.
View response to conversion rates to see how targets converted by factors of messaging channel, in-store zone location, demographics and more. Machine learning algorithm updates the targeting engine.
Real time engagements at the point of decision making

Increase basket size with targeted offers to customers in store locations

Get 2 to 3 times incremental sales uplifts on promos without cannibalizing sales

Drive sales on slow traffic periods with time based specials that are meaningful

Include store personnel in the omni channel world by sending them personal offers for customers in their department

Increase cross selling with product offers that have high probability of being purchased together

Seamless communications over channels that influence

Unify customer identities spread over devices, multiple sites and databases

Enrich customer profiles and communication channels to extend reach

Deliver customer messages over channels that are most likely to influence a buying decision

Retain customers, improve lifetime value

Improve loyalty metrics (number of repeat visits, increased basket size by segment, CLV)

Migrate customers up the value ladder,  from lower value to higher segments

Reduce churn on high value customers by applying retention tactics before they leave to competitors

Roll out an opportunistic marketing plan, based on a customer vision and strategy

Design campaign plans that are focused on engaging customer groups that drive most of your revenues

Roll out communication tactics based on response predictions for channel, location, segment, demographics and more

Launch campaign ads with real time triggers and targeted messages

Empower your strategy with a positive feedback loop from marketing analytics that measure successful conversion rates by targeted customer groups and store locations.



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