Monetize your data by influencing customer purchase decisions

SMI’s Customer Insight enables the power of AI and big data customer analytics by aggregating all your customer data points across systems; then, transforms your customer data into insight to reveal spend behavior patterns and what factors directly contribute to purchase decisions.

SMI’s Deep Learning algorithms self-adapt to learn what influences customer decisions; further, enables marketing engines to talk to the customer at a degree of hyper-relevancy not possible when using traditional rule based models.

How Customer Insight Works

The SMI data engine is purpose built to normalize and aggregate all types of data sets related to your customers. With direct plug-ins to social media, CRM systems, POS databases and more, you have 1 consolidated data point on your customers.
SMI’s powerful server processing capabilities enables its AI algorithms to find patterns in large and disparate data sets and to transform data into insight. Deep Learning technologies continuously adapt and learn from changing conditions in shopper behavior.
Deep Learning dynamically extracts relevance from hundreds of variables and uncovers which ones are working together to influence shoppers purchasing decisions. The SMI ‘influence graph’ powers marketing and tells you how to talk to each individual customer.
Predict customer interests and how purchase decisions are made

Decision Tree and probability scoring for purchasing decisions by segment and communication channels

Data mine purchase pattern by segments (which segments buy what products from what locations)

Identify trends (e.g. flying and dying, price elasticity…) and levers (e.g. promos, cross-sell rewards) that can influence behavior

Get a single, unified view of your customers with analytical insights

Combine all your data streams together:  live shopper journey and product data with POS, loyalty, social media and other data sets

Store and retrieve data with a single query and execute calculations across all the data sources on a single command

Apply ready and customizable mathematical and forecasting models to predict trends via a variety of regression and time series analysis techniques

Work with first class data and customer scientists

Work with our team of scientists to handle your most demanding business intelligence needs that involve deep mathematical operations and analytical processing.

Puts your Customer Insight into action with specific goals that are focused on measurable results and improving business results.

Customer Insights to engage customers and become hyper-relevant

Enable real time, contextual and relevant interactions exactly at the right moment

Utilize the AI based probability models on what are key factors that influence a customer:

  • Social factors: my personal profile, what my friends are saying
  • Location factors: where I spend time in the store based on the services and offers I receive
  • Buying factors: what brands I like, what products I buy, my spend habits
  • Communication factors: I look for relevancy & context  – ‘pull’ vs. ‘push’


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