Leaders in the field of IoT and AI for retail

What we do

We help retailers realize gains in a connected environment, from supply chain to merchandising and marketing by developing innovative and patented technologies in data analysis, sensor networks and AI.

Who we are

ShareMyInsight (SMI) is wholly owned by Red Matter Capital Ltd, a UK  company investing in companies developing proprietary technologies and applications for big data analytics and statistical models on consumer behavior.

Our focus

We have seen retailers increasingly struggle to create meaningful and relevant customer engagements, largely due to traditional statistical methods that are becoming obsolete. Sensor fusion and Deep Learning technologies are now ready to replace traditional rule based models, enabling a new type of shopping experience that will benefit consumers, brands and retailers.

We focus on the design to production cycle of a variety of in-store sensors that live stream data to the SMI AI cloud platform for detecting, identifying and putting into action information for store operations, merchandising, marketing and customer communications.

Our solutions

SMI offers a range of ready to use business applications that connects all your data sources and streams data into 1 unified repository for access by an application layer. Built in analytics, workflow and dashboards provide solutions that enables customer centric merchandising, streamlines operations and delivers personalized customer engagements.


Our customers

We deliver business results for leading retailers across a variety of sectors including grocery, apparel, electronics, DIY and sporting goods. We also help shopping malls and large retail environments to improve their retail space planning and engage their customers.

Our partners

We deliver solutions alongside a variety of partner channels including marketing and ad agencies, field marketing providers, POS equipment vendors, consulting companies and software vendors.

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